We decided to make finger food. A glass plate, which was attached to four rocks was used as a table, so everyone was able to see what was underneath: Grass, flowers, insects. The food itself was served on rectangular mirrors, so everyone was able to see the reflection of the sky, the sun and everything that surrounded us. It was our goal to bring the nature to the table, without great effort: 360° nature.

The food itself was made using four terms which make a picnic so special: sun, soil, vegetation and air. Sun was presented by niblets made of Feta with the skin of an orange and chilli: yellow and hot. The soil was presented by Baba-Ghanoush on crispbread with dried beetroot and parsley: dark and rooty. Vegetation was presented by pesto Verde on Chicory with Melon: summerly and green and air as mint foam on cucumber with dill and salt: floating and light. 

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